Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

In this important service boys and girls in grades 3 and up have the opportunity to assist in the celebration of Weekend Masses.  Training is required. The schedule is fairly flexible and we try to assign you to the Mass that is most convenient for you. Contact: Norma Haddad at the Rectory (978) 977-0767.

Gift Bearers

This ministry seeks to involve all parishioners to serve in the Mass by bringing the gifts to the altar during the Preparation of Gifts.  If it is a Memorial Mass, the family members of the one in whose memory the Eucharist is especially offered are encouraged to be the gift bearers. If you are interested in being a coordinator, please call the contact below. If you would like to offer your service as a gift bearer, please tell the greeter at that Mass or call the contact the Rectory at (978) 774-0340.


The Greeter Ministry is a wonderful opportunity for a person to touch each and every parishioner’s heart as they enter the church by offering them a warm welcome.  A simple smile and a warm "hello" as you pass out the missals is all that is needed.  Ministers will be asked to arrive to Mass about a half hour early to greet the faithful as they arrive and keep the Missals and bulletin shelves in order.  There is also a need for “Special Assistance” greeters who can offer a helping hand to parishioners utilizing the church’s handicap accessible seating area.  Please let us know if you have time to “smile for God."

Extraordinary Ministries of Holy Communion

Parish Masses and Home -Bound  - This vital ministry offers the opportunity to assist in the distribution of the Holy Eucharist at our Masses as well as at to parishioners who are home-bound and cannot attend Mass.  A rotating schedule is used based on the volunteer availability and Mass preferences. Specific training is required. Please contact our Rectory for more information.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes  - Ministers perform the sacred duty of bringing the Holy Eucharist to Roman Catholics in hospitals and nursing homes who are unable to attend Mass at the parish.   See separate contact information applying to the following different locations: Radius Health Care and Hunt Nursing Home - Contact: Richard Goff; Emeritus - Contact: Pauline Butler; Twin Oaks - Contact: Dave & Elaine Williamson. 


Lectors are a dedicated group of men and women (beginning with High School students who have been confirmed) who communicate God's word by proclaiming the lectionary readings at Mass with clarity and enthusiasm.  No previous experience is necessary, but specific training is required.  Assignments are made on a rotating basis based on individual availability and Mass preference. Contact: Ann McGill.


Ushers assist with the offertory collection during each weekend Mass.  The ministry is a great way to serve both the liturgy and your fellow parishioner.  Volunteers are assigned based on their availability and Mass preference. Contact: Linda Clifford.






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