Traditional Choir Music Ministry

The Traditional Choir takes its cue from the Constitution on the sacred Liturgy which states that “The treasure of sacred music is to be preserved and fostered with great care" and that "choirs must be diligently developed.” We draw on the sacred music repertoire of sixteen centuries, from Gregorian chant to contemporary classical works.  Music in Catholic Worship notes that it is the function of the choir "to lead the people in sung prayer by alternating or reinforcing the sacred song of the congregation, or by enhancing it with the addition of musical elaboration" or at other times "the choir alone will sing works whose musical demands enlist and challenge its competence." The choir is open to anyone of high school age up through senior citizen who enjoys singing.

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Commitment: Twice a week
Place: Church
Time: Thursdays 7:30 pm; Sunday 11:30 Mass





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