Confirmation Program for 2017-2018

Our new Confirmation program this year was under the direction of, Mark Daley.  Unfortunately Mark is out on leave at this time.  Ken Meltz our Pastoral Associate has taken over the Confirmation program.   Please see our newly revised 2016-2017 Confirmation program calendar below for details.

Click here for our REVISED 2016-2017 Confirmation Program Calendar

Click here for our 2016-2017 Confirmation Parent Information Packet

Click here for a Confirmation Name Form.

Click here for a Confirmation Sponsor Form.

On June 18th our Confirmation program along with our SVdP society came together to wash cars and raise money for people in our community who need a hand.  $1,270.00 was raised!  Thank you to all involved! 

Confirmation Program  (Year 1 and 2) Registration Forms

Please click here to download our Religious Educations Registration Parish Program form for RETURNING students in grades 9-10  (Year 1 or Year 2)

Please click here to down load our Religious Education Registration Parish program form for NEW students in grades 9 or 10.  (Year 1 or Year 2)

**Please Note**   Students that attend Catholic High Schools are NOT required to attend the Year 1 portion of our Confirmation program.  However, they are required to enroll in the Year 2 portion of our Confirmation program.


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St. Mary's Confirmation Program


Grades 9 & 10

  • Ken Meltz
  • 978.774.0340




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